The World that Was

Outside of the records held at the Library-Cathedrals of Asmera and the personal collections of the rich and noblemen spread throughout the world, not much is known about the world before three-hundred years ago. Many people rely on stories passed down orally through the generations, however. Most rely on a mix between the records of Asmera and those stories, mixing legend and myth with fact in known history.

According to the records of Asmera, the world before the change was a beautiful, verdant world. The arid deserts were not as widespread and food was always bountiful. The cities were built with towers that reached into the heavens, or upon floating islands even higher above. The advent of technology and magic grew hand in hand, and airships filled the skies. Wars were fought by giants of steel and stone, animated through powerful magic. For the many people, life was easier in these times. The development of mundane technology and practical magic had heralded a golden age.

Approximately 300 years ago, this all came crashing down. The airships and flying cities fell to the ground, burning away until they were only a memory. The towering cities below collapsed into oblivion. And with the exception of several thousand children, the entirety of the elven race vanished in a single night, leaving behind empty, ancient cities with buildings that were thousands of years old.

The records of Asmera also indicate the presence of a third major continent as well, lost to the ages. It is said that it was swallowed by the sea on the very first night, sparing not a single soul.

The World that Was

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