The Gods

Protanis, God of Creation and Artifice.
A god revered by many walks of life, from blacksmiths and architects to composers and builders. Held by believers to have been a golem given the breath of life, he spends night and day toiling away at his newest creation. He is believed to bless those who create, no matter the nature of the creation or the intent of it. Among believers, a rich imagination and a sharp mind are always held in high esteem.
Protanis is Neutral. The holy symbol which represents him is a monolith carved with glyphs depicting a hammer, a triangle and a harp. His favored weapon is the Lucerne Hammer. His domains include Artifice, Magic, Knowledge and Rune.

Zelneth, God of Blood.
A righteous god followed by holy warriors, Zelneth is has the reputation of being a fearsome warrior with a kind heart. He is depicted as a large, hulking man in full plate, his face obscured by an intimidating helmet. Yet teachings hold that he never failed to heal the sick and wounded, placing the importance of life above warfare. To him, blood is a sacred thing, not to be spilled senselessly. Believers are therefore required to maintain its sanctity through rituals and a strict code of conduct regarding bloodshed. Nonviolence is encouraged, and believers must never hesitate to save an enemy that can be redeemed.
Zelneth is Lawful Good. His holy symbol is that of a shield with an eight pointed star carved into it. His favored weapon is the long sword. His domains include Good, Law, Blood, Honor and Healing.

Asmera, Goddess of Truth and Knowledge.
Worshiped by an unusual variety of followers, she is known as the keeper of knowledge. Many of her followers include monks, clerics and wizards, united under the interest of maintaining accurate knowledge. Asmera’s cathedrals are vast libraries which hold many of the oldest books in the world, many priceless relics containing knowledge from the world before the great disaster 300 years ago. Asmera herself is most often portrayed as a modest elderly woman with a cane, far more interested in knowledge than her own image.
However, Asmera is also known as one of the strictest of the pantheon, for her followers maintain that they absolutely cannot lie. To tell a lie would betray their goddess and to distort the truth defies her teachings. But should telling the truth result in disaster or death, her followers may simply remain silent. Other, lesser teachings of Asmera include asylum to those who seek it, and strengthening the communities her followers may reach through education.
Asmera is Lawful Good. Her holy symbol is that of a key. Her favored weapon is the Quarterstaff. Her domains include Good, Law, Knowledge, Magic and Language.

Thrus, God of the Sun and Aneth, Goddess of the Moon.
These two are worshiped together, rarely separately, believed to be united in the holiest matrimony. Thrus is held to be the father of the world, and Aneth its mother. Like birds tending to a nest of eggs, they trade places to maintain the constant supervision of the world. Commonly depicted as a man and woman in ceremonial marriage attire, often with glowing skin or auras around them. As such, they are believed to be the gods of love as well, and the event of an eclipse is taken as a good omen, especially if it falls on the same day as one’s marriage.
Thrus and Aneth are both Neutral Good, and their holy symbol is usually that of the sun and moon, or an eclipse. Many priests wear two necklaces, one depicting the sun and the other depicting the moon. Others may wear sun and moon earrings or bracelets. The favored weapon of Thrus and Aneth is the two-bladed sword. Their domains include Good, Sun, Moon, Stars and Love.

Nuria, Goddess of Travels.
A goddess said to bless travelers, ensuring safe journeys and warding off bad luck. In her care, believers maintain that those who truly worship her will never lose their way or become lost. Nuria is also the patron deity of merchants, gypsies and nomads, as well as some outlaws that roam the country side. Worshipers of Nuria are known for hospitality and good will, but also carry their own sense of order that differs from many norms. To many, they are chaotic and without laws, though within the chaos is a method known only to believers. However, they seem always willing to protect and care for the sick and injured they encounter on their travels.
Nuria is Chaotic Good, and her holy symbol is that of a carriage’s wheel. Her favored weapon is the whip. Her domains include Good, Chaos, Travel, Protection, and Charm.

Ramulun, God of Shepherds.
Lawful Neutral. His domains include Law, Community, Leadership, and Protection.

Fylia, Ascella, Tieria and Muwen, the Elemental Goddesses of Nature.
True Neutral. Their domains include Weather, Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

Harminus, God of Death.
True Neutral. His domains include Repose, Healing, Death, Void and Travel.

Dysnomia, Goddess of Chaos.
Chaotic Neutral. Her domains include Chaos, Madness, Luck, and Lust.

Tzaphtal, God of Vengeance.
Lawful Evil. His domains include Law, Evil, War, Rage and Strength.

Vamistha, Goddess of Freedom.
Chaotic Evil. Her domains include Evil, Chaos, Freedom, Ferocity, and Curse.

Jorgarun, God of Entropy.
Chaotic Evil. His domains include Evil, Chaos, Death, Destruction, and Void.

The Gods

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