The Change

Not even the records kept at the Library-Cathedrals of Asmera hold a single clue to the truth behind what facilitated the change that occurred approximately 300 years ago. Though there are descriptions of flying cities falling to the ground and burning up, and of an entire continent being swallowed whole by the ocean, there is not a single account of why it happened.

However, the result is plainly clear to see today. A once verdant world is now scarred, dominated by arid desert and split in twain by vast chasms. Tainted creatures roam the land, becoming ever more populous as the decades tick by. And there still lies plenty of evidence of the destruction which came to pass – the landscape of every land is littered with the ruins of the world that once was. Most of it is in utter, charred ruin however. If you’re lucky, you just might find the intact ruins of a ziggurat, or even one of those ancient towers still standing. If you’re even luckier, you might just find the intact ruins of an ancient city, perhaps even one that soared in the skies above.

But plundering these ruins for answers is a dangerous task which has claimed the lives and freedom of many. The Federation has declared it illegal to tamper with archeological sites without authorization. To make matters worse, those sites are often the nests of monsters, or worse, creatures carrying the taint which has spread since that time 300 years ago.

“To seek the truth is to gamble away yer life, an’ the odds ain’t in yer favor, boy.”

The Change

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